Who is Uvision?

Our Story

The Uvision Employment branch is part of the Uvision Group. We are based in Australia and over the last decade we have successfully established ourselves in three main divisions, education, migration and now employment. We have helped thousands of students seek new opportunities and reach their unique individual goals. We have assisted both individuals and corporations with issues migrating in or out of Australia.

We now bring this experience and outstanding record of success to our employment and recruitment division, to help companies find the ideal candidates for vacant positions, and individuals find the context in which they can flourish and realise their full potential.


We specialise in quality recruitment, to help matching organisations with the right talent.

Finding the perfect candidates for a position is not just about locating the best qualified candidates available, but finding the best match for the specific job and your organisation. 

At Uvision Employment we strive to help you in both finding talent and finding your dream job.


For our clients the recruitment process is about finding the talent that makes an impact on their business and delivers results. For that reason understanding your business, unique context and strategy is key to establishing the ideal search process and method from the start. To pinpoint the ideal candidate profiles in terms of the skills, mentality and behaviour that contribute to your strategy, we tailor the recruitment process not just to the position you need filled, but to the context the candidate will be part of, namely; your organisation.

Seeking new opportunities?

For the candidates we represent the recruitment process is a way to move on from the feeling of being stuck in job you don’t enjoy. A way to seek new
opportunities and challenges. Filling a role is not simply about performing a given tasks, but also about adapting to a unique business culture and filling its needs from its staff members.

We understand that it is no longer enough just to offer our clients a list of candidates with qualified resumes. We go through a thorough analysis of your company’s needs and culture in order to present you with candidates that matches not just the job description but suits the cultural context of your business.

We strive to save both companies and applicants time by making the recruitment process as efficient as possible. The average time it takes employers to fill a vacancy is over 40 days. 40 days of lost productivity can be a costly affair, so let us help you bring down that time. A more efficient screening process will ensure that the best possible candidates will get the change to impress in a competitive business environment.

Want to learn more about what an improved search process can do for your recruitment and on-boarding of new staff? Then fill in the form and let us contact you about your recruitment needs.

Are you seeking new opportunities or looking to change career? Register your resumé in our database so we can help you land your dream job.

"Your Vision, Our Mission"