Consequences of Poor Recruitment Strategies
10/05/2017 Articles

Don’t take our word for it when we state that there are excessive financial and non-financial costs that are associated with a bad hire. The truth behind this statement can be analysed through Business Review Australia and the success and failure of businesses across all sectors.

According to a survey by The Australian, a bad hire will cost a business two and a half times the employee's salary. This figure goes up even more for high level positions. The obvious costs involve the initial costs and opportunity costs associated with the recruiting of the employee. Under-performing employees also require increased supervision and provide reduced productivity. However, these costs are the least of your concerns…

Whilst some businesses are willing to absorb these costs at this stage, despite the services of a recruitment agency already seeming to be a preferable alternative, there are further costs that are very difficult, if not impossible to remedy. A bad hire may have a devastating impact on the morale and cohesion of the rest of the team, and worst of all, may have a devastating effect on your reputation.

Don’t allow a bad hire to jeopardise the goals of your business and have you become a statistic that a quirky Business Review editor can use, but rather, bypass the catastrophic effects that a bad hire has on your business’s time, money and reputation by leaving it to the professionals at Uvision Employment.

At Uvision Employment, your vision is our mission, and we guarantee that our recruiting of your future employees will assist in achieving your goals, as opposed to the catastrophic effects that a bad hire may have.

Simply providing you with a list of candidates, as most recruitment agencies do, will not spare you the catastrophic effects of a bad hire, which is why our extensive analysis, strict candidate recruitment process, and our future dialogue with you will guarantee you an employee or employees specific to your vision.

Making your Vision, Our Mission.

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