Management or Leadership?
27/04/2017 Articles

Building a skilled team can be challenging and tedious. Just like investing in Sydney real estate market, it requires that you perform your due diligence, appraise your investment, and renovate to make sure the investment is in ideal shape. As a Director of a Recruitment Agency, I offer the following tips for investing in your employees:


1. Get familiar with your team
Getting familiar with the team is just like performing due diligence prior to investing in a property. You would never invest without doing your research on property.
Make the time to get to know the candidates you are looking to hire. A resume is only the first step in the process but personality is what will solidify the candidate,. Go beyond what is on paper. Employees are the backbone and building blocks to an organisation. You want to create a positive atmosphere and allow each person to feel welcomed.
Each and every person you bring into your team serves a purpose. Each person will have their strengths and contributing attributes. When you invest the time into your employee’s you can focus their strengths, it will pay off in the long run. Creating an atmosphere where people can thrive and work together is a key component.

2. Compassion
Showing team members compassion can benefit you in the long run, a person that is treated well and isn’t under constant pressure can work at peak performance.
Show employees you care about them beyond how they impact your balance sheet, people are more than numbers. Connect with your team, If someone seems down, find out why. If someone needs advice, give it to them. Investments aren’t always financial, knowing someone cares can go a lot further than a bigger pay check. Employees will also be more determined and loyal if they see their co-workers being treated well as well.


3. Celebrate the Small Stuff
Celebrating the little things can be compared to highlighting your investment property’s best features during an open house. If you have enough charm in your property, it will attract the right buyer.
Celebrate happy occasions with lunches, happy hours, and other events that show your team the company is not just the founder’s personal piggy bank. If the company grows, it should make sure its employees enjoy the success alongside the leadership.
At Uvision Employment, we celebrate each birthday with a birthday cake, balloons, and cards. These investments help to build a feeling of community among team members and raises morale.

4. Invest in Their Development
Your employees are bound to have shortcomings. It is your job as a leader to invest in training to make your employees into powerhouses. Growth within the company is determined by the growth of its employees. Short comings are not to be seen as negative, a person with room for improvement only means that they are uneducated in that field. Helping someone learn a new skill is a valuable asset, moulding and grooming employees into your companies mindset is always a positive!
As part of our annual reviews, we ask our employees to evaluate not only their work performance, but also aspects of their overall lives. For example, what skills/hobbies do they want to learn outside of work? How confident do they feel? What are their suggestions? What skills do they plan to learn this year for their role? Each of these questions is designed to uncover more information about our employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Once we identify a weakness, we work to see how we can remedy it.

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