No University degree? No Problem.
30/05/2017 Articles

Indeed Australia and New Zealand managing director Chris McDonald has released a list featuring a number of high-paying jobs which don’t necessarily require a tertiary degree.

According to Mr McDonald, the nation’s services industry employs four out of five Australians and most jobs within the industry don’t require a University degree. He went on to explain that demand in the nation’s services industry is quite high, in proportion to the supply.

“Many trades are in demand with skills shortages meaning they offer good career prospects, including self-employment opportunities with the scope to earn salaries commensurate with other jobs that require a university degree”, Mr McDonald told News Corp.

“It’s important that job-seekers are aware of all the options available to them so that they can make informed decisions about career choices.”

Mr McDonald’s statements align with the views of Uvision, and both jobseekers and employers alike are advised to contact Uvision Employment, whose extensive analysis and rigorous candidate evaluation allow for the most suitable employees to be provided to respective employers.

Below is a list, published by Indeed, of Australia’s top 22 best paying jobs which don’t usually require a degree

Construction Manager - $153,213

Maintenance Manager - $110,030

Farm Manager - $92,588

Electrician - $84,311

Senior Care Worker - $82,976


Pilot - $78,473

Executive Assistant - $74,838

Sales Executive - $72,933

Roofer - $73,394

Car Sales Executive - $72,612

Fitness Manager- $71,060

Real Estate Agent - $71,037

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