University Graduates & The Labour Market
18/05/2017 Articles

Once again, it’s that special time of the year where University Students become University Graduates. With an increasing number of graduates, job prospects for Australian University graduates are declining by radical numbers. Graduate employment rate dropped from 56.4% to 41.7% from 2008 to 2014, that’s a 14.7% decline within a mere 6 years.

Research conducted displays an increase in University enrolments by over 10,000 students per year, despite less graduates are finding full-time employment. The Australian Labour Market demand has struggled to keep up in the past years with the ever growing supply of graduates. Andrew Norton, the Grattan Institute's higher education program director, said “there probably were too many graduates.”

In 2008 only 22% of graduates in Language & Literature had a full- time job within their respective fields, since then that number has dropped to 12%. That’s a 10% drop in less than a decade. On the other hand, 97.5% of Medical students have found full-time work, down only 2.5% in less than a decade.

Although these numbers are a shock to the system, we still encourage youths to continue with tertiary education. In today’s growing world, an education is an essential tool that will only further a person’s ability in creating a brighter future.
Uvision Employment can provide University Graduates an opportunity to raise their chances in finding full-time employment. We offer Resume Building & Video Resumes to candidates who we see potential in. We believe that Australia’s University Graduates should be getting experience and being groomed into the industry professionals they will be in the future.



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