Permanent Employment

How an agency can save you time and money?


Recruiting new employees can be a costly and time-consuming process for organisations; one that uses up significant resources, but rarely offers any guarantees.s. A study has found that the average employer takes over 40 days to find a candidate, this includes wasted time looking over resumes and interviewing candidates that do not meet your criteria. The worst case scenario is hiring the wrong candidate, which will waste time and money and can be very damaging to your business.


Uvision Employment makes it our goal to always provide our clients with experienced and qualified candidates, however we understand it is also important employ a great match to your business culture that will share the need to achieve the goals of your business. We can achieve this by taking the extra time and effort to understand the specifics of the role and your business culture. A cultural fit can often be undervalued, as an employer you want peace of mind knowing that the potential candidate is going to fit right into the existing business culture, leading to a motivated new addition to your team.

Ability to Identify talent

We work with both employers who are on the look for talent, and professionals who are searching for career opportunities. The knowledge we possess about ‘how to avoid bad candidates” can be tremendously valuable. We know who is looking for work; they’re capabilities and the sort of salary expectations. We understand that the ideal candidate is often NOT the one actively looking for work, but the one who would be open to the right opportunity. As recruitment professionals we have strong networks and a good idea of where to find these candidates.

Time saving

We save you hours of wasted time of sitting through job applications. We make sure our qualified team does this for you. We’ll organise an initial phone screening to begin the process of narrowing down the applicants. We’ll then use our interviewing techniques to identify the best-suited candidates for the role. Uvision will perform skills /competency tests and reference checks, then finally we’ll only present the ones who we feel fit the role and your company. At the final round of interviews, we can advise on what interview questions to ask.


Uvision will implement our proven hiring process procedures to make sure the whole experience runs as smoothly as possible. We’ll answer basic inquiries candidates may have, otherwise we’ll collate all specific queries from candidates for you to assist us answer these in the future. We can negotiate on behalf of both parties and agree a mutually acceptable remuneration package

When it comes to hiring employers don’t need to go through it alone. Uvision Employment it’s precisely here so we can help businesses and organisations access the skills and experience they need, in good time and without breaking the bank. This allows employers to free up time and monetary resources to help drive the business forward.

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