Temp Employment

Why hire a temp?

Using temp staff and interim talent is a strategic pathway being used by companies of all sizes. No longer is the temporary "just a temporary", but an important, integral part of the team. At Uvision we strive to make our clients feel confident in the skilled temporary employees available to them at short notice. 


Our clients utilise interim staff to scale up and down as required to thrive in the good times and in the tough times.  They budget for the use of temps because they understand and appreciate the effectiveness of this strategic tool.

More important reasons to hire a temp:

  • Reduced costs - We can take care of the entire recruitment process including advertising the positions, evaluating CVs, screening candidates, providing preliminary training and onboarding. In addition Uvision will provide payroll maintenance for their employees freeing you from this task.
  • Reduced downtime - Candidates provided by Uvision will be employees who have been vetted, trained, and deemed capable of taking on the role. This makes them ideal for emergency cover as they can come in and start working immediately reducing the impact of employee absences. 
  • Flexibility - Uvision enables you to adjust your work force to suit the current workload. You, therefore don’t need to hire permanent staff that won’t be needed once the peak season or project is complete.
  • Trying workers before hiring - For permanent roles, you can use Uvision to find out a worker’s compatibility with your company before you hire them full time. On-job evaluation is the best way to find out whether an employee will be a good fit.
  • Short notice and emergency cover - Sometimes employee shortages cannot be foreseen such as when an employee falls ill or gets injured. Since Uvision have a datavase of vetted candidates ready and willing to start work with little notice, you can get a temp to cover your labour shortfall minimising interruptions.
  • Bulk recruitment - Uvision has a large databases of pre-screened workers, they are able to fill a large number of positions simultaneously without compromising the quality of work provided.

Our range of solutions are perfect for busy; offices, worksites, restaurants and call centres. We work hard to ensure we can deliver an employment solution for whatever your situation is.

We specialise in the following professions:

  • Admin, secretarial, PA/EA and data entry staff
  • Accounting / bookkeeping specialists
  • Customer service and sales staff
  • Call centre staff
  • Hospitality professionals (Waiters / Bartenders / Cooks / Baristas / Hotel staff)
  • Trades and general labourers
  • Cleaners (Construction / commercial / Residentia l/ Window / Pressure)
  • Warehouse labourers – packers / pickers / forklift operators

Get in touch today and find out how we can accomodate the best employment solution for your situation.