Internships & Work Experience

The Program

It is an unpaid internship used by companies to develop talent. It is equally beneficial for candidates to develop experience in their desired industry as student or recent graduate. 

The program allows companies and candidate test and see if they fit within the organisation's team culture and company values. Uvision Interns will always have either educational or related work experience in the position allocated to them.

Duration of the Internship

Length varies depending on the commitment from the Intern, or as requested by the company. Commonly is calculated:

❖ 1-2 days commitment = 12-week Internship program

❖ 3-4 days commitment = 8-week internship program

❖ 5 days commitment (full time) = 4-week program

 Why you should hire an Intern?

1. New perspective on organisational issues. Interns challenge “the way we’ve always done it” mentality and bring fresh, new ideas to the company. Interns are good at questioning processes and can often see a different way of doing things that you may not.

2. Ease of use with technology. Social media, computer programs, and iPads – these are a piece of cake for young professionals. And, although you’re a young entrepreneur, you can always use a hand from a fellow Gen Y tech-savvy professional.

3. It’s a trial period that could lead to something more. An internship is a great way to see how much potential a student or recent graduate has in the field. You’ll get to see their skills and work ethic as an intern—and might choose to bring them on as a paid employee down the line.

4. Help with projects or tasks that you’re struggling to complete. An interested candidate takes on an internship in hopes of accomplishing something to use on their resume or in future interviews. Give them real, meaningful work that will help your organisation run smoother, accomplish more, or be more successful.

5. Gain brand advocates. Hiring an intern helps spread the word about your company—whether you mean to or not. If you’re an impressive internship supervisor and mentor, your interns will probably talk about their experience with peers, friends and family members, essentially advertising for your organisation (and it’s free!).

Why use Uvision for your interns?

As a job recruitment agency, we possess the skillset to screen and find the right candidates that suit your requirements. At the same time, being an education agency and helping thousands of students for the past decade allows us to have a vast database of recent graduates, with backgrounds from all industries hungry for the opportunity to gain experience in their respective field.

Why we do it?

At the Uvision Group we work as a family, this means we aim to reach our main objective collectively as a team. Our prime objective is always helping our clients in every aspect we can, in all divisions. This means our employment division adding quality to our education division and vice versa. Successful stories are the foundation of our organisation; therefore, we do our best endeavours to assist and guide our clients to grow professionally and personally.

Next step

To beging getting resumes of potential interns, please complete our assessment form in the link below. This crucial information allows us to understand your company's values, structure, culture and position needs.

Form: Internship Assesment Form